Fence and barbed wire surround – Hungary includes the controversial transit camp for FlüchtlingeNach a judgment of the European court of justice, law, national government includes Hungary, the two controversial transit camp for migrants directly at the border to Serbia.8 Kommentare8Eine stands guard in front of the camp Tompa. (Archive)photo: Sandro Ujvari/Keystone

Hungary’s right-the national government, the two controversial transit camp for protection closes the end directly on the border to Serbia. This Chancellery Minister Gergely Gulyas announced on Thursday in Budapest.

The Central European country following a ruling by the European court of justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg from 14. May, had reviewed the detention of four asylum seekers in the transit camp Röszke as unlawful detention.

The approximately 280 people in the Camps Röszke and Tompa had been in the night to Thursday in various, mostly open facilities for asylum seekers brought, said Gulyas. The bearings would have protected the borders of Hungary, he added. “The judgment of the court is regrettable, but after Hungary is obliged to adhere to it, there remains nothing, as to connect the transit zones.”

policy of isolation and deterrence

Hungary followed under his Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, for years a policy of isolation and the deterrence of refugees and migrants. Since almost more than three years, the country of asylum-seekers in the two Container Store. The areas are surrounded with a high fence and barbed wire.

Hungary argued that people were “voluntarily” in there, because you could leave the bearings in the direction of Serbia. Who returns to Serbia loses in Hungary, automatically his Status as an asylum seeker.

The Luxembourg judge had found that this deprivation of liberty. Asylum seekers should only be detained if an arrangement had been made, the reasons for this were mentioned.

(SDA /aru)

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