The number of applicants for study programmes in the health sector is diminishing, while at the same time, the need for new transfer students increases, there must be urgent action to be taken. FOR Limburg, is taking the lead by a hundred students to go to the Zorgberoepenrally. They will be at six locations in the province to be able to sample a variety zorgjobs.

With a little over 50,000 jobs in the paid employment is in the health care sector is the largest employer in the province of Limburg. It’s going to be more than 1 out of every 6 jobs in the province. Due to the high pensioneringsgraad and the extent of the ageing of the population will be in the next few years, thousands of jobs are to be created, at a time when there is already a shortage. “The VDAB is received in 2018, in the province of Limburg, more than 1,000 job openings in the healthcare industry, which is more than double the number four years ago,” says Tom Vandeput, minister for the Economy and the president FOR the region of Limburg.

now, on To the flange, it will also raise the alarm to sound. In comparison, with the 2015 is the last year, 20% of the candidates reported for both the study programmes higher professional education (HBO5 a Bachelor’s degree for Nursing.

And so it should be an action to be taken. “Through a variety of initiatives to seek FOR province of Limburg, together with the care and education of young people to create enthusiasm for a course of study or a career in the health care sector,” explains Karen: out.

“One of the Zorgberoepenrally, that we will see this fall to organize. But it does mean that the people in the field to share their experience with the young people involved. The students also have some duties to perform in order for them to be able to taste all the different health professions. They are learning how to be a registered nurse cpr use, the equipment, the medical imaging works, and what therapies will be a medical team has.”