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Hundreds of Diestenaren and those from further afield spent Monday night in the Court of justice on the Rhode in Diest, and a last message to Mary < / I> Wielemie Vervoort. The rolstoelatlete passed away last week.

for Nearly an hour before the official start of the reception came, the people had to. In the box were a lot of wreaths, laid down, inter alia, of Jacques Rogge, the former head of the International Olympic Committee, local authorities and associations such as Rotary, Mile, city, and public WELFARE.

In the wake of the schepencollege, and the city council members brought up quite a few people, like Francois, and Tom Delie with a daughter of Ibe. “She and I were together in the first year of the programme, a kindergarten teacher,” says Every one. “When she was in a wheel chair arrived, she was in charge of training stopped it, but we have a very strong friendship remained the same. Our weekend by the sea was a tradition. She was so happy to go to the dike with her, why not let it go. In the last few months, we have a very, very intense experience.”

Marieke Vervoort passed away on Tuesday, October 22nd. Photo: BELGAIMAGE

Daniel Verhemeldonck to lose a good friend, and a zielsgenote. “I saw her settled at the cafe Chocolate. My health has made me even bother. That created a bond, but with our disease we had never seen. However, a lot of laughing and having fun,” he said.

Hugo Vanbrabant knew She was from the same physiotherapist. “In 2008 I took her to get to know. As though she felt her health declining, but she continued to be herself around. That would be quite a lot of admiration for.”

Danny Pierce, and the Rest of the Charlier came from Dilsen-Stokkem. “I have had the book have already been bought,” says She. “When she was at the book fair in Antwerp and there was also a lecture he gave, we just want to go riding.” The funeral of Mary Vervoort will on Tuesday take place in the inner circle.

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