Humor is when one laughs anyway: In the prison appeared an unusual book institution in a German company called Hünfeld. Two prison chaplains of the Church have brought out a book of jokes. Title: “Humor behind the bars”. With the participation of prisoners, staff and prison management, the collection of jokes, Cartoons, drawings, and other exhilarating contributions arose. Combined, the joke book with the previous edition, with recipes called “cookbook “Kit(t)chen Cooking”.

The joke book has a clear goal. The Protestant pastor Andreas Leipold and his Catholic counterpart, Meins Coetsier from the Netherlands reasoned: Humor will help, eventually, to endure the difficult Situation of the detention and to make human life bearable.

The Hünfeld prison-writers have already planned the next project. “We think of poems and lyrical texts. Then we have a serious primer. Maybe we can do it until the end of the year,“ says Prison chaplain Leipold. A working title for the factory and the number three in mind. “Born to be wild.”