Humor against Virus-crisis – Laughing in Corona, times – episode 13: animals!Singing and jamming, dogs, bears, amusement parks, and a cat in the fridge: A new selection Covid-19-sense of Humor – only with animals. Andreas Tobler0 comment not a bit close to each other are? Photo: PD

Hooray, next week, we should be allowed to marry with up to thirty guests. And it culture should be events for up to 300 people organized. Some find good, others premature. Also, the animals are not in agreement on how our hard-hitting Research, pardon: our latest selection, with the Corona shows a sense of Humor.

1. The big re-opening of

open universities and high schools until the week after next, are day-care centres already in operation. The joy is large.

2. While we were at home

the Europa Park in Rust has now Opened again. While we were home, and moved on to other leisure facilities, such as the following video document proves:

3. Escalation in home office

it is Probably better if animals have a spout and a leisure Park can visit, while we remain in our home offices. Here is the evidence for this seemingly steep Thesis:

4. Jöh, a Corona-cat!

Actually, jokes with Corona are consumed-beer, in the meantime, completely, ergo taboo. But one is still only for the small Jöh-feeling in-between.

5. The thing with the masks

animals can be quite reasonable, especially dogs. In contrast to the people most of the wear you mask out of Conviction and with enthusiasm. Believe it or not. Here is the proof:

Yes, dogs are often more skillful when it comes to a mask, as the following video gallery is documented impressively:

6. Enough with the house music

For some people, it really would be better if you wore a mask. In particular, if the Corona-Koller with house music is met.

7. People, just exhausting!

at All: the people. You are proving just stressful and a big burden, if you stay at home all the time, at least for some dogs – like the following harrowing TikTok-Video.

8. Or is it not?

the opinions of The dogs to go to the people but quite. The following singing! Specimen is excited that his wife is thanks to Homeoffce every day at home:

9. If the curator comes

Especially great is the fear of international art curators, and ask them to utopias, and projects, which could not be realized due to Corona is among animals.

Bonus: If we can’t make it

If the second wave is coming, and we should not survive: don’t worry, in heaven it is very nice. And, of course, we will be greeted there by a dog:

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