The bathroom is often the room in the house where odors can be very unpleasant. Toilets, pipes, humidity… There are many factors that can contribute to this.

Identifying the nature and origin of disturbing odors makes it easier to combat them. Sewer odors, for example, are usually caused by clogged or dirty drains. The presence of mold along your tiles can not only give off an unpleasant odor when it settles, but this type of traces is also a great indicator that your bathroom is too humid.

Humidity is difficult to combat in a bathroom, by definition, but it is often the cause of a musty smell. If you can, create drafts as often as possible to sanitize the room. Installing mechanical ventilation or an air dehumidifier can also make a difference if you don’t have a window in your bathroom.

It’s well known, if your toilet is in your bathroom, it greatly increases the chance that it won’t smell like roses. A very simple reflex can minimize these effects: keep the toilet lid closed when not in use. Besides the impact on the smell in your bathroom, this puts the proponents of the raised or lowered bowl on a level playing field, because you’ll have to raise something anyway!

In addition to the reflexes to take and the potential arrangements to be made, there are many home remedies to fight against bad bathroom odors. Planet has selected the 9 best tips based on products that you probably already have in your cupboards.