The Us computer and printer manufacturer HP on Thursday in a major restructuring plan was announced. The plan of HP to a more digital and service-oriented company, need to be made, no the world is 9,000 of the 55,000 lost jobs.

The job cuts of 7,000 to 9,000 each, will be spread over the next three years and will, among other things, voluntary retirement, and prepensionering cover, said HP in a statement.

The plan was presented by Enrique Lores, and the new chief executive officer who, on the 1st of november to the middle of the hands, keep the HP’s in question, and to adapt to the new consumption patterns of its customers and, in particular, in the field of printer cartridges, which is the true cow of the company has been.

now, HP wants to focus more on services. In this way, the printers at a low price and sell it; in return, the consumer may connect to the ink cartridges for the HP to continue to purchase.

The company estimates that the restructuring will be in a position to make a billion dollars a year in savings starting in fiscal year 2022.

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