Antwerp –

The crisis center is asking for extra vigilance and for the jewish community in Antwerp, but the threat level does not rise as a result of the situation in the German Halle, germany. The jewish community in Antwerp is still a threat level of 3.

In the shooting incident in Halle, germany, in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, germany, were at least two deaths. According to local media, took the incident occurred near a synagogue. If it is a terrorist act, it is not yet clear.

In Antwerp, the threat level is not raised. In January 2018 shall be reduced to the OCAD, in other words, the ‘agency for the co-ordination and the Analysis of the Threat, that threat level in our country, up to 2, which means that an attack is ‘unlikely’ to be. The jewish community in Antwerp and it was a level 3.

“That is to say, there are all of the additional funds are to be used,” says William Migom of the Antwerp police department. “We are not at this time, additional troops are being deployed.”

at The emergency operations centre of the Interior needs to be extra vigilant. “The police, of course, take into account,” said Migom.

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