Did you know ? Going on vacation can also be an opportunity to earn some money… Provided, of course, that you know how to go about it. Some, among the most gifted with a camera in hand, have found the trick: they resell the photos of their trip to postcard publishers or from their site. According to the specialized site Photophiles, the card making market is doing better than others might think… It is also divided into two types of branches. One concerns so-called tourism photos (those that therefore interest holidaymakers), the other concerns event cards (Christmas, New Year, etc.).

The first solution is therefore to have your photos printed in postcard format and then to market them. The specialized site I print in France offers a guide to making your own cards, including in personalized format. Nothing prevents, then, to market them or to send them to his close relations. Besides, you will have to become a travel photographer… which is a profession in its own right, as the Portrait or Landscape blog reminds us.

Becoming a travel photographer implies, in fact, knowing the basics of photo technique. You also need to have a good command of the tools and be able to equip yourself with equipment of sufficient quality. Finally, you will have to create a portfolio, identify your specialty and your commercial target.

Subsequently, it is then necessary to think as a businessman: this means preparing your brand, defining your company name, creating your own identity. Without forgetting, of course, to think about its tax status… and to start soliciting postcard publishers, who will constitute all or part of the clientele.