The freshman year of college, as entrancing as it is, could also be overwhelming. The sheer amount of opportunities alone is enough to get anyone a bit anxious. Sharing a new environment with strangers reveals a kaleidoscope of possibilities. There is a myriad of events, activities, clubs, societies, and inspiring lectures.

Amidst all the chaos, the most challenging part would be narrowing down the list of events you can attend. It all comes down to priorities because, most likely, you are going to want to indulge in many. Sadly, the schedule might not permit you to do so.

Choosing the extracurriculars in college is not only about entertainment, but they are also supplements to your academics that can direct you to a future career. Below we present some points to keep in mind while you find your most feasible activities while in college.

Find Your Focus

There are many aspects you can associate an extracurricular activity with. One is a career – such a move will boost your resume and be a valuable addition to one’s skill-set. The second is based on interests; if you want to pick up a new hobby or be involved in a movement.

It is not necessary that you should limit yourself to one focus area. If you can manage your time well, it is possible to take on as many activities as you want.

Look at the Options

With your priorities set, you would want to look into what the college has in store for you. Find out about the fascinating clubs, societies, and any organizations. Try to take a look at it before you chuck it. There might be some things that are better experienced in action than in words.

Do not hesitate to share your interests with your classmates and friends. You are bound to meet someone who can introduce you to any clubs or recommend you to something else.

Figure Out the Ones

The trickiest part is letting go of a few choices that might have been very interesting to you. But when in college, your academic performance is certainly a priority.

See which ones you can fit into your days without missing any classes or lectures. Do not forget to factor in the time you need to study and to complete assignments. If nothing helps, reach out to professionals and order an essay online that will save you from missing a deadline.

Ensure that the activities you choose do not drown you. If the extracurriculars are overpowering your days, leaving no time for yourself, then you will have to double-check your priorities.

Start Your Own

In the rare scenario where you have exhausted all the options and still fail to find something of your interest, do not give up. On the contrary, why not start a new club? There are probably many others who are looking for just such kind of a group!

Moreover, taking an initiative to start a college club on your own will shine brightly on your resume. It will show that you are more than willing to experiment. Such a move will make and present you as confident and able to see through an endeavor of your own.

Expand Your Options

College organizations and groups are not the only viable options for extracurriculars for college students. Volunteer programs for communities and activities that can even help you earn some money could all serve as honorable mentions in your glowing resume. Also, you will never know when a hobby could help launch a startup.

Internships are also an excellent choice of extracurriculars. Landing a part-time job in any field that is remotely connected to your preferred career will score you extra points.

One can also consider options off-campus or even programs abroad that will aid both personal and professional growth. After all, such universal transferable skills would always be useful for any career.

Finally, if you no longer enjoy these non-academic activities, do not feel obliged to continue the engagement in any. Having a hobby or passion is about dedicating time and effort to something you enjoy.

While there could be any number of reasons for you to leave it, something that does not bring any value into your life is simply not worth the time.

On the Last Note

Receiving higher education does not confine to the curriculum alone. It is more like a well-rounded experience. Combining both academics and extracurriculars are necessary for the meaningful development of a student as a person and a professional.

Put in the effort to enjoy the most of both these sides to finish college with flying colors.