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Lucia Schmidt

editor in the Department “life,” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

F. A. Z.

kids know As the Breakfast box in the school or Kindergarten is expected to work full – and what’s in it? Chopped Apples and again, no chocolate bars. A big disappointment. The Small complain in the afternoon about this snack with their parents, their answer is usually: “I mean it well.” Which translated means as much as: I want you to stay healthy and fit. A common Argument is that if children eat fruit and vegetables.

In the case of the Apple, you have to say but unfortunately, you should listen to the parents. The Apple is a food that can immensely contribute to our well-being. This is probably also the reason why the Apple has its very own holiday: Today is the day of the Apple.

In the year are eaten in Germany every resident, on average, around 17 to 19 pounds of Apples. There are around 20,000 different varieties of apples in our supermarkets we can find but only a fraction.

all Apples Basically have similar ingredients, but these can vary in their composition slightly. Especially the Vitamin C content is striking, so red varieties of apples generally have more Vitamin C than the green Apple Granny Smith.

Vitamin C our body needs, among other things, to connective tissue to re-build, as well as to make certain neurotransmitters and hormones. It supports the work of the immune system and the absorption of iron. In addition to a lot of Vitamin C is also abundant in other vitamins such as B and e. stuck in a Apple in addition to a number of minerals such as calcium, Magnesium or potassium are to be found in peel and pulp. Such minerals needed by our organism, for example, to bones and teeth, but also blood cells. Potassium, for example, found in Apples, is responsible for ensuring that our nerves give the information quickly and accurately. In addition, it is involved in the fact that our muscles can contract when motion is sufficient.

the Especially the so-called flavonoids are to highlight the Apple. These are secondary plant substances that are, among other things, for the color of plant to be responsible and protect it against environmental influences. The people are secondary plant compounds can protect against cellular damage, they can act blood pressure lowering and anti-inflammatory and strengthen the immune system.

But the Apple keeps us fit, it can also help to ensure that we are healthy again faster. So the food of grated Apple is an old home remedy for diarrhea. This is due to the dietary fiber pectin in the Apple. Pectin swells in the intestine, this causes the liquid and thickens the thin chair.

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That Apples strengthen our immune system and our Fitness, scientists are now in agreement. Again and again, but there are also messages from the research to suggest that consumption of Apples also reduces the risk of getting a stroke. The German society for nutrition do not say that in fact, certain studies suggest this relationship, for sure it will be proven but. In General, therefore, according to the company: Overall, a fruit protects-rich diet before a stroke, it must, therefore, not always Apple, it can also be about bananas or grapes.