The bins are not emptied, in the national parks, the toilets run, the museums to make: If you look at what is going on in America, one might think that in the richest country in the world would be broke within a few weeks of great poverty. It is merely the result of a dispute over money, the figures of the United States since shortly before Christmas, in time for the new year, the President and the politicians in the us Congress agreed to, how much money what authority and what kind of downstream service get to pay for your tasks and your people. And if you don’t agree in time, there is just nothing. This is stupid and hurts, and it hurts, of course there are the people: those who get no more money, and those who do not know what to do with their garbage.

Fridtjof Küchemann

editor in the features section.

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Now, one might ask whether one can seriously argue that someone take care of the garbage and the national parks and the museums and the airport security and the space program of the country and all that and get paid for it. The dispute, however, goes to something else, namely, the wall wants to build the us President, Trump on the border with Mexico. After the elections in early November, the Republicans, the party of Trump belongs to the majority in the house of representatives lost, and the Democrats, the other party, are against the idea with the wall. No agreement, no money – not for the wall, and nothing else, except for the most necessary of All, and that is pretty little.

we do not want to go here, the dispute over the wall, it’s about the Fight itself. So, what happens if nobody wants to give in. How that even can happen that a whole country know best how to do it. Also in the UK, the just so. There, the people had to vote Yes, three years ago, if you still want to continue to Europe, to the European Union, and most of those who participated in the election, were opposed to it. The British government then negotiated with Europe, how can that ever go, escape, and then what out of all of the agreements, the collaboration, with each other. As they had agreed, it was the Parliament that was against it. Now, the exit date is getting closer, and he is pretty much the only thing on the whole thing clear. What comes then, in little more than two months, whether to move him, maybe, whether or maybe even the whole idea with this Brexit again: Nobody knows.

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The Shattering of these two disputes is that neither side wants to give in, and each side risks rather that the Situation is even worse, as if the other side would have. Maybe it’s a bit like in the big break on the schoolyard, if you can’t agree, what is to be played, Catch, or volleyball, you will fight and argue – and then the bell rings again for class. It would also be for the table tennis Fans certainly have been better to play than just standing around and arguing. Since it’s not more then it works, but even with this comparison, finally, the choice between table tennis or a different order of magnitude, and others are beginning to follow whether a country is building a wall on the border, or even with what appointments it leaves a community. And a quarter of an hour is a waste of time you can get over the Emergency, but when hundreds of thousands of agents of the state no more money and get your work done, it looks different.