Watch for the arrival of the postman: your council tax notice will arrive very soon in your mailbox… Or on your personal space if you have opted for the dematerialized version. If you are not yet one of the exempt persons, you have until November 15 at midnight to pay your tax, or until November 20 at the same time if you pay online.

Taxpayers who have a current bank account domiciled in France or in a country in the SEPA zone can pay online. You can also make the direct debit from your savings account A if your bank authorizes it. How to pay online ?

All you have to do is go to the impots.gouv website or mobile application and connect to your private space. Fill in your RIB and let yourself be guided by the form.

If you have already made an online payment, you will just have to check that your bank details are correct and modify them if not. When registering your payment, you will also be able to view the direct debit date. Nothing’s easier !

Not all taxes can be paid online. Here are, in addition to the housing tax, those that you can pay directly from home: