Adinkerke / De Panne –

At the beaches of De Panne and at sea, Sunday night, for the second time in a week’s time, a large-scale search operation was held.

At 22: 30 and called in a resident to the emergency services. The man was on the beach, go for a walk, heard a sudden cry, at the height of the water-line, and warned immediately to the emergency services. That did not take any chances and put on a big search to an end. The police’s west Coast, and the fire department were first on the scene and set up a command post on the beach.

in Search of the beach area for a possible victim, provided, however, anywhere in the world. For this reason, the search operation at midnight in the extended and also came to the water police, and the NH-90 in the search and rescue helicopter and the Harbour-boat of a Ship, Support, join in the search. In the end, the search is stopped, and no one could be found. Probably wrong-there’s no-one in need of help. The call of the anxious wanderer it was, however, very good meant to be.

Also, last Sunday, there was a large search party is on the beach of De Panne. Then there was a mysterious disappearance. Friends are the gifts of a husband missing in action, who in a drunken state, had gone to a bit of paddling. After a search, he was able, however, hours later, to be found in the centre of The System.