refer to Him as a provocative do-gooder, or as a pole, wildlife filmmaker and Anti-to want to Grzimek put, as he has in the last fifty years of life, often experience, which was to deal the most despicable way, with this incredibly empathic, direct, and thoughtful nature lovers Horst a star.

Joachim Müller-Jung

editor in the features section, responsible for the area of “nature and science”.

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the “star hour” is the history of television. Whether it was journalism, it was often argued that neutrality was his mission statement. And yet, No Journalist before him and few after him have TV and Radio so compelling and politically for the cause of nature is used as the native of Szczecin, the life theme by a male friendship, in the bosom fell. He began with an apprenticeship in banking, he was a paratrooper in Africa, interpreters in America, practiced as a poet, and a court reporter, and later he was a magazine founder, a novel, non-fiction and short – story author, and founded by the way, the Federation for environment and nature conservation Germany and the German environmental aid because he saw it as so much as his “duty for this country”.

In fact, Stern is more that must be published, a lawyer, as a Journalist, however, began the work of a journalist and a literary talent, especially sent. Embossing his eye were as the film is technically revolutionary “remarks on the spider” and the “remarks about the red deer”, on Christmas eve of 1973, the films in which star is not broadcast – as he said to me, “Eiapopeia about animals” show, but wanted to let you as a man often misunderstood and exploited part of nature occur.