The year 2022 is soon entering its final month, and minds are already preparing for the arrival of 2023. On the side of the stars, the period promises to be busy, and several major changes could well shake up our daily lives. On the program, in particular: crises, restrictions, but also a form of renewal and a wind of hope.

One of the rather major points, explains astrologer Ozalee to Planet, is the arrival of Pluto in Aquarius, from March 24 to June 11. “We must expect more problems on the IT side, crashes… Personally, I wonder about crypto-currencies. There will be losses, in any case”, specifies the specialist, author of the 2023 Agenda of Astromagic..

A little earlier in the year, on March 8, the planet Saturn will arrive in Pisces. Concretely, “there could be adjustments to the level of freedoms, the theme of restrictions risks coming back to the table… People could also be led to seek more hope, faith, in a difficult context”, insists Ozalee.

And, when Saturn will be well “installed” in the sign of Pisces, the moment could even be favorable to realize your dreams, or to review your projects entirely.

Another notable change in the sky for the year 2023: Jupiter will settle on May 17 in Taurus. For now, the planet is in Aries, the sign of action par excellence.

“This placement brings us opportunities, and the taste to act, to take initiatives and to try things, with the enthusiasm of fire”, states the astrologer.

But in the spring, change of atmosphere, therefore. “There could be a form of consolidation, new ways of life that will become permanent, a search for abundance and a desire to take care of our bodies. We could even imagine a search for peace on a global scale” , says Ozalee.

But concretely, how will these changes impact each sign of the Zodiac? In our slideshow, discover the 6 that should benefit, a little more than the others, from these new investments in 2023, according to Ozalee’s forecasts.

Ozalee is an astrologer. She is the author of the 2023 Agenda of Astromagie, available from Grancher editions.