The pictures seem disturbing. Police put a handcuffed woman sitting on a bench, a white sack-like cloth over the head and run. The Video in the clearing of Camps of homeless people in the vicinity of Berlin’s main railway station at 9. January. After the Berlin daily newspaper “taz” had sent out a Minute-long recording on the weekend, beating the wave of indignation. The Berlin-based Bundestag MP Eva Högl (SPD) said: “to displace the homeless people under violence from the Public, doesn’t help anyone.” The Left-politician Niklas Schrader felt even at the notorious prison camp of Guantanamo remembered. And Berlin’s claimed social Senator Elke Breitenbach (Left), the Camp had been cleared, without the people living there to offer help.

Markus Wehner

Political correspondent in Berlin.

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the statements of the police and the green mayor of the district center, Stephan von Dassel, show a different picture. After that, many residents had complained about the “catastrophic conditions” in and around the Camp. The eviction had been previously twice announced orally, including flyers in multiple languages were distributed. All the residents had left the Camp, only a woman. As the police officers wanted them to pay, they behave extremely aggressive and the officers spat on, police said. Therefore, you have created your handcuffs. Since your head of hair had been infested heavily with lice, would submit to the officials to self-protection, the “burp cloth” over. Since they have moved in that Moment to jerk forward, created the impression that the officials would pull the cloth together. During Transport it was but loosely on your head.

The Berlin city cleaning, the mayor of Dassel, have eliminated the “eight cubic meters of debris” at the site of the camp. On an announced policy, such as Berlin should be uniform with the homeless camps and homeless EU-citizens deal, hold it for a year in vain, said the Green politician, on Monday.

In Berlin, according to estimates, 10,000 people on the street. A large Problem is the growing number of homeless people from Eastern Europe, for example Poland, Romania and Russia. On Sunday, a 55-year-old homeless Russian was found dead on a bench. It is still unclear whether or not he froze to death. Berlin has 1200 berths in the cold, with two underground stations are open as emergency shelters. A winter watch bus especially on the way.