Vladimir Putin admirer suggests crackdown on companies that hurt the environment

Seagal obtained a party membership card with the alliance called Only Russia – Patriots – For Truth on Saturday, a movie published by the celebration revealed. It had been formed earlier this season, when three thirds parties, all which encourage Putin, merged into a single.

Seagal, a Russian citizen because 2016, suggested a crackdown on companies which harm the environment.

“Without having the ability to detain folks, when we simply fine these, they are most likely earning more money of their creation of the things which are defiling the environment,” stated in his welcome address at a celebration occasion.

Seagal, a US-born British artist, is famous for creating and starring in action films, while Putin, who awarded him the citizenship, is a fan of martial arts.

In Saturday’s ceremony, Seagal posed for pictures alongside one of those party leaders, Russian author Zakhar Prilepin, who registered in a military of pro-Russian separatists in southern Ukraine and confessed to controlling a battle unit at a conflict that has killed 14,000 individuals in seven decades.

In 2018, Russia tasked Seagal with enhancing diplomatic ties with the United States in a time when relations between both countries have deteriorated to their worst level as the Cold War.

As a Russian agent, Seagal seen Venezuela before in May and also presented with a samurai sword to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. — Reuters