It’s time to plan a summer vacation. Many French people want to free themselves from stress and daily constraints, by escaping to the beach or the mountains. If the world is starting to emerge from the restrictions linked to Covid-19, a new obstacle seems to be coming to counter the plans of holidaymakers: inflation. INSEE evaluated the consumer price index at 5.2% in May over the rolling twelve months. However, this does not seem to discourage households. According to the 2nd edition of the Allianz Partners international barometer, 79% of French people will go on vacation this summer. On the other hand, the loss of purchasing power has consequences.

“Half of respondents (50%) say the likely rise in the cost of travel could cause them to scale back their summer getaways this year. Similarly, nearly half (47%) say the state of their personal finances could force them to scale back their ambitions for their summer holidays. As for those who do not plan a summer holiday this year, the main reason given is that they cannot afford it , due to the increase in the cost of living and travel,” observes Allianz Partners.

Thus, 43% do not plan to leave their country. In detail “more than a quarter (27%) say they cannot travel abroad because of rising prices and 16% prefer to save their money”, can we read in the study.

The average budget devoted to holidays is still much higher than the estimated amount for the end of year holidays 2021. It is €1,890 (i.e. €660 more).

If your budget capacity is 3 times leaner, these destinations might satisfy you. Discover in the slideshow below the places where you can go for less than 500 €.