Summer vacation is fast approaching. If they officially start on July 7, 2022 for all school zones, not everyone will be able to enjoy this summer period in the same way, starting with the Head of State, Emmanuel Macron.

Like the rest of the population, the various presidents who have succeeded since the beginning of the Fifth Republic have also been able to take a few days to rest in summer.

But in recent years, the population’s view of the holidays of heads of state has changed profoundly. “For the French, a president now has five years to apply his program, he does not have time to take a vacation”, reports Pierrick Geais, author of L’Élysée at the beach, in the privacy of our presidents in holidays, in the columns of Point.

This is why the holidays of the Presidents of the Republic have changed a lot since Jacques Chirac.

The holidays of several presidents of the Fifth Republic are very similar. De Gaulle, Sarkozy, Hollande and Macron took advantage of these days off to work. Even on leave, the days of the current president are the same as at the Elysée.

For Jacques Chirac and Valéry-Giscard d’Estaing, holidays were synonymous with peace and tranquility. The latter “didn’t want any news from the Élysée” when he went on safaris in Africa, reports Pierrick Geais

As for Georges Pompidou, he “took a month and a half of vacation, from July 14 to the beginning of September, modeled on the parliamentary holidays”.

In the slideshow below, discover some luxurious places in which the presidents of the Fifth Republic visited.