This year, holidaymakers are not limited to the borders of France to enjoy their summer holidays. After two seasons marked by Covid-19, 38% of French people plan to fly to a foreign country during their summer holidays. They were only 13% in 2021, as reported by a YouGov study carried out in March 2022 and taken up by Le Figaro.

Many of these international tourists will head for Portugal. Indeed, this country of the Iberian Peninsula particularly attracts the French. In 2021, Porto and Lisbon were both listed in the 10 most searched international destinations by Internet users on, as reported by

To get to the country of Carnations, travelers can take:

Before leaving, check that you can enter Portuguese territory without incident.

French nationals can freely enter Portuguese territory “provided with a valid passport or national identity card”, reports the website of the French Embassy in Portugal.

Border regulations have been impacted by the health crisis. From now on, any traveler aged 12 or over, arriving on Portuguese soil, must be able to present the European Union’s Covid certificate. Here are the three supporting documents accepted:

Any other vaccination certificate recognized by Portugal is also accepted.

Once you have passed these two checks, you will be able to take full advantage of your holidays, provided you succeed in making yourself understood. To do this, find in the slideshow below 10 Portuguese expressions to know absolutely.