Holidays in Corona, times – “race for your life, don’t look back!” vacation Overseas this summer due to Corona. No reason to get angry, even holidays to dream destinations can be hell!Andreas Tobler6 Kommentare6So beautiful: sunset in New York. You might want to go strapless. But New York can also be hell!Photo: Jerry Ferguson

the summer – and unfortunately it gets in this year, nothing to do with the big trip to the USA. We had so nice and looked like in New York. Or one of the pretty beaches in the world. But it is what it is: a Lot of dream destinations fall away for a vacation, as the Federal Council advises as to the waiver of non-urgent overseas travel.

that’s too bad, you might say. And probably you are right. But not only that: a dream trip can be hell. Especially if the Hotel does not correspond to the expectations and the photos on the travel portals. Here is a selection of the most terrible Hotel – and Hostel-experience reports from New York, Rio de Janeiro and Bali, which we found on Tripadvisor, for the purposes of relief for all those who have aspirations of big Trip, which can now be met:

1. Pets

“It was difficult to open the door and as we walked in, ran as a RAT!!!” After all, There were Pets. Or you might even get to bring your own one, which is banned in many Hotels. For example, an eagle of power, then hunt for the rat.

2. No window

“The room was approximately 6 m2 large, and there was no window. We paid 400 euros for two people and five nights.” Well, for 50 Euro per Person and night in New York a two-story Penthouse with marble bathroom expect.

3. Pee?

“the first impression, this place smells very much like pee. Second impression, this place smells like pee and feces.” Welcome to Rio de Janeiro!

“Nice and clean,” writes a user to the room with this bed.Photo: 20inchmo/Tripadvisor4. Help yourself!

“We got no towels, no toilet paper, and the room felt dirty. We asked for toilet paper, but the staff asked us to buy it ourselves.” Experience report from Bali.

5. The thing with the Gang

“In the first night, a man was shot about twenty feet in front of our door. It’s a Gang thing, however, was pretty crazy, although I managed it somehow, but then still sleep through the night. This place is so expensive for what you get.” Well, after all, one has to stay in this Dump for a real New York Gang to tell the story.

6. The General strike

“If you like to pay for something for which you need to send 100 E-Mails that nobody reads, then this is the place for you.” So, a Flophouse for Fans of Helmann Melville’s “Bartleby”story that takes place in New York and in the title character with a repeated “not” eludes Rather particular.

“I arrived in New York’s East Village and found an old, run-down house, which should be the Hotel.”Photo: Pure-Cologne/Tripadvisor7. Noise

“The room was ridiculously loud with the neighbors, the people in the hallway, the subways and the cars outside it was from check-in to check-out incessantly loud. When I complained, I was told, “that’s what earplugs are for.” Seriously?” Probably Yes.

8. The thing with the Internet

“I asked the woman why the rooms are so different from the photos on the Internet. She was very arrogant.” Presumably you had your reasons. Or, of the faith to the end, was the guest of the first, the deviation of the photographs complained?

“you don’t want to stay here. Glaubts me.” Accommodation in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Hod Hashoron/Tripadvisor9. Bugs

“the Massive bug infestation. Waiting on the promised full refund and the cost for dry cleaning of my clothes. I can’t contact the Hotel by phone. My credit card company not. You should better sleep in the subway.”

10. Bring your own vacuum cleaner!

“In the corners of the room, the dust balls were a proof that the room had not been swept for some time, or sucked. When I looked under the bed, there was even more wool mice, the cap of a water bottle and some random pieces where I don’t know what it was. Fortunately, my stay was short.” Fortunately, because of the title of the comment could lead to outrage in noise complaints: “Bring your own vacuum cleaner!”, it is called in this report from New York.

11. Like in a horror movie

“The room was nice, but the toilet area was horrible, it looked like a horror movie. It was not inviting to take a shower or brush your teeth.”

Like in a horror movie. Even without the shower curtain from Hitchcock’s “Psycho”. Photo: Josefina N/Tripadvisor12. Electric shock in the shower

“If you value your health and safety value, do not stay here. Everywhere loose cables (even in the showers – my friend got in the shower, an electric shock), dirty bathrooms, no ventilation, hot and stuffy, no natural light in the big dormitory fire, broken stairs, very unsafe.” Adventure in Rio de Janeiro!

13. Safe

“We have a bitter taste in the mouth, because about $ 500 were taken from our Safe, had supposedly only we have access. plundered It is interesting to see that we are the only family that this happened in the same month!!! We were told that we would have to stay longer in Bali, if we were to report it to the police. And that the Management won’t be in until after our departure in the Villa.” Experience report from Bali. Or as the author Bertolt Brecht would write: What is a break-in at a Bank against a founding of a hotel is?

14. In the madhouse

“I have two nights in this Hostel during carnival spent. The rooms were very expensive, the Hostel was disgusting and about 500 meters from a Favela removed. Our room had a broken window, there was no lock, we had no pillow, and on the first floor, there was no bathroom. The Hostel was in may, still under construction. The toilets were often out of service, approximately four times during our stay, that is two days in length. The staff was fine (but really helpful). They told us if they had to pay to stay in such a place, you would be crazy.” Going to be in Rio? Like without us.

15. Forget New York

“race for your life, don’t look back!”, one reads in a report about a Hotel in New York. A Réceptionist of insists that it is a single room to one with a double bed, so very comfortable for two people is suitable. Also the word “Idiot” falls in the long comment. We therefore make it short: Forget New York! At least in the Corona-the summer of 2020. The city can be hell.

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