Monday, pictures surfaced on Facebook of a dog in a cage is that it is “only by an elastic band is tied to a motor home. The video was taken in Saint-Hubert, a municipality in the belgian province of Luxembourg and is happy to be viewed and shared on social media. While the video clearly raises concerns about animal welfare, it is not clear whether local law enforcement was involved.

According to the Walloon, a man who is the “shocking” video on Facebook, you know, the footage sat night, made. According to the French newspaper Sudinfo. is a situation in which the dog is situated, is “very unsafe”, and that is the reason why the video has caused outrage.

“If you think that your dog will want to bring with me on vacation, bindhem then it is not possible with your motor home with only an elastic band,” wrote the author of the images in the video. “Poor beast, and really is embarrassing to say the least.” The outraged husband will get a lot of support in the comments, on Facebook, and many people advise him “immediately to call the police”.

One person who commented on the images to see the positive in it: “I disapprove of the manner in which the dog is being transported is not very good, but I prefer this over a dog to a tree, she makes her way back.”

the European legislation

According to the verkeersinstituut VIAS (The Newsletter of 27 August 2019) is the carriage of animals not specifically covered in the highway code. “With a little bit of the good will of the rules, a charge will also apply to pets,” said a spokesman Stef Wilson did. “Drivers need to make sure that he had his vehicle under control.”

The verkeersinstituut recommend the use of a seat belt for dogs, or a cage, which, in the case it can be set to on. “We’ve still never been to notifications received from a person who used his dog, for example, have your transports”, says it is now in the VIAS. However, it is not clear whether this way of transport is prohibited by the Walloon service for the Welfare of animals. The service has been, since 2014, within the competence of the regions.

It is a non-commercial transport of pets in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia is, however, of some of the rules, by a law, which, in 2005, the government has been ratified. The animal must not be injured or harmed during the trip, due to the way in which it is carried, and the safety and security needs to be guaranteed. Your pet will need during the transport and also has plenty of space, water and food are available.

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