the holiday professionals personally (1) “mountain climbing shows that You can overcome all the obstacles” The Zermatt hotel Manager Anna Metry to all 48 four-thousanders of Switzerland, climb. Two-thirds of it has already managed, but this summer, wait for other challenges. Silvia Schaub0 comment Anna Metry on the way to the summit of the Dent Blanche (4357 m a. s. M.) in the Canton of Valais.Photo: ZVG

it has at the Chalet Hotel Schönegg day-to-day, the landmark of Zermatt. And yet Anna Metry says: “The Matterhorn climb is one of the most beautiful tours, but they didn’t like.” On that day, quite a few people were on the mountain. “You feel, so to speak, the crampons from the front and the back,” explains the 35-year-old Zermatterin. “I want to repeat the Tour, however, so it remains to me a beautiful reminder.”

for now, Anna considers the distinctive peaks from the Chalet Hotel Schönegg, which she runs with her brother Sebastian since 2012 in the third Generation. The four-star Superior hotel with 43 rooms and 5 suites perched on the Schönegg Plateau above the town of Zermatt, walking distance from the mountain station of the Sunnegga station. The Hotel has the most beautiful view on the “Horu”. Especially from the Infinity terrace between the two Chalets.

On the terrace of the hotel Schönegg Anna Metry has the Matterhorn always in front of eyes.Photo: ZVGEin double room in the Zermatt Hotel Schönegg.In the Chalet style: A double room in the Zermatt Hotel Schönegg.ZVGDas Restaurant Uncorked in the Hotel Schönegg in Zermatt.The Restaurant Uncorked in the Hotel Schönegg in Zermatt.ZVG1 / 3Erst late smelled a rat

Who lives in the middle of this mountain world, can escape her barely, you think. Long the Schönegg-hostess but showed no great interest in mountain climbing. Then the God of Anna’s ambition awake tickled and encouraged you, the famous mountain to climb. After you have smelled a rat had and because they actually wanted to do more sports , continued the young entrepreneur is equal to the ambitious goal to climb all 48 four-thousand-metre peaks of Switzerland.

Five years have passed; since then, Anna Metry 33 of this summit can be climbed – such as the Grand Combin, Weissmies, Dent Blanche, rimpfisch horn, Obergabelhorn, always in Climbing with mountain guide Thomas Zumtaugwald. “He knows my Strengths and weaknesses and see how my day is,” says Anna Metry. The Täschhorn and the Dom made even in a day. Some of the peaks she has climbed with the Ski, such as beam, horn, Finsteraarhorn and Fiescher horns. “The departures are Zückerchen and reward for the effort during the climb.”

Anna Metry on the summit of the rimpfisch horn (4199 m. a. s.M.).Photo: ZVGDie summit striker is not afraid of heights

Amazing, that mountain climbing has gripped Anna Metry so. The hotel boss is not completely free from giddiness.

The mountain teaching increase, a focus so intense that the fear disappear. “The joy is great, when I return to the cabin and realize that I’ve done it.” Anna’s motto: “The summit is only half the way.” The feeling of happiness at the top is huge, but the descent’t appreciate it.

“The mountain climbing shows me that you can overcome all obstacles”, stressed hair the She with the long brown. You can also use in your everyday professional life. Because many challenges are waiting for the hostess, and Responsible for the Marketing and Reception. Especially in the current time. Almost half of the hotel guests came so far, from the Asian, American, and Anglo-Saxon space. “These are the absence in the year of Corona the majority, so we need to think of something,” admits Anna Metry. But she is confident to welcome more Swiss guests in their heart and blood run Hotel.

For two years, the Schönegg is part of the Relais & Châteaux Association. “It is the only hotel that pays tribute to the gastronomy. This is very important to us,” emphasizes the young hotel Manager. Finally, the house has two Restaurants – the Saveurs with high-quality Five-course Menus and the Unkorked with a simpler cuisine in a cosy atmosphere and a large selection of Valais wines, including the house wine, as well as drops of young, talented winemakers.

Anna Metry during the descent from the Täschhorn (4491 m above sea level.M.) in the Valais Alps.Photo: ZVGFür the ascent to the Dom (4545 m above sea level. M.) required Anna Metry only a day.Photo: ZVGAnna Metry on the way to the Weissmies (4017 m a. s. M. ).Photo: ZVG1 / 3

With this year’s summer season, it’s behaving a bit like a mountain tour: “You don’t have a goal in mind, but still, where the keys are and how to overcome them.” So Anna will not rise in the near term so often on the mountains. Also for another reason: In August, the Zermatterin is a first-time mother. Fit and your goal is to implement you want to stay but not necessarily. “I need the challenge, to climb to four thousand. But I have some time.”

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