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The Swiss hotel industry suffered in the past weeks, due to the travel restrictions an almost complete standstill. Now the borders are open again, foreign tourists, however, stay away still. Therefore, Swiss tourism regions, Hotels and campsites are now more on the guests from the domestic market.

in April Alone, the nights at the hotel collapsed, according to the Monday published provisional Figures of the Federal statistical office, compared to 92.4 percent. Foreigners stayed away almost completely, with Just 56’000 overnight Stays by foreign guests were recorded, which corresponds to 96.3 percent less than in April 2019.

This year we expect to have very few international guests.

Marijana Jakic, Responsible for St. Moritz in the Engadin St. Moritz tourism

And the tourism regions expect, despite the gradual opening of the borders for the summer, significantly less tourists from abroad than before the crisis: “Usually, we record in St. Moritz in the summer, about a quarter of international visitors, the Rest comes from Switzerland and Germany,” said Marijana Jakic, which is for the branding of St. Moritz in the Engadin St. Moritz tourism responsible on Monday in a telephone conference. “This year we expect to have very few international guests.”

that’s Why St. Moritz is now on new products to inspire Swiss guests to the resort in the Engadine. St. Moritz opened, for example, a Beach Club, to bring the beach feeling in the Swiss mountains, or the so-called Drive-in, where guests movies or circus performances out of the car can look.

Soon, in the Engadine: A man followed the Film, the Aviator in your vehicle in the Drive-In drive-in cinema in Dietlikon.Photo: Ennio Leanza/Keystone

“We were lucky in the misfortune, that the winter season is usually about to end, when the crisis started,” said Jakic. So St. Moritz was the time of the crisis for the development of ideas for the summer. “We see this as an opportunity, the brand St. Moritz to develop and win new guests from Switzerland for us.”

coupons for regulars

the Region of Zermatt in the Canton of Valais has during the crisis of something Special. In addition to the lighting of the Matterhorn in different country flags, the has acquired, especially in the social media a lot of attention (for review: Matterhorn lighting collides on), were vouchers offered at special conditions: For each sold voucher Zermatt tourism plan put 10 percent of the amount for the buyer at the top.

“We have a high number of regular guests. You and the owners of Second homes, we have granted during the first one and a half weeks, the right of first refusal for the vouchers,” said the Spa Director of Zermatt tourism Daniel Luggen. After that, other guests were able to purchase the vouchers. Overall, the action was gone about two and a half weeks long, and the guests had bought for 3.2 million Swiss francs vouchers.

guests have purchased Zermatt-vouchers to the value of about CHF 3 million.Photo: Zermatt tourism

80 percent of the vouchers were sold, according to Luggen in Switzerland, especially to guests who return again and again to Zermatt. The proportion of Swiss guests in the village in the Valais, at the foot of the Matterhorn is usually from 38 percent, as Luggen said. The larger part of traveling, but usually from abroad. For the summer Luggen expects a marked decline in the numbers of guests. About 40 percent of the overnight stays are likely to be lost. “Without the foreign guests, it will not go in the longer term,” said the Spa Director.

Swiss German instead of Nederlands

the campgrounds of the TCS in Switzerland this year, especially local guests frolicking. Normally, according to the head of tourism and leisure at TCS, Oliver Grützner, about a quarter of the guests at the campsite foreigners, especially from the Netherlands and Germany. You fall away this year, according to Grützner, for the most part.

Yet the places of the largest Swiss camping were booked out for the place operator in the summer months, again almost. “We compensate for the loss of our foreign guests, almost entirely due to Swiss customers,” said Grützner (to the report: Bonjour les Grüezis).

The TCS reports that his camping places in Thun BE, Flaach ZH, and Sempach, LU (image) to be fully booked for some weeks in the height of summer already.Photo: Martin Rütschi/Keystone

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