Yellow –

The local people in a floating werfponton to have the spectacular images of their vehicle due to a vessel being rammed. The offences took place over the weekend at the albert canal in the Yellow-Place finish.

“Stop, you, hey Guy! That’s going to hurt…”, the images are part of the Dutch vessel Stolt Filia is with a lot of noise at the edge of a floating werfponton boring. The video of the confrontation was created by the staff at the front of the bridge of the Yellow Handles on the albert canal, was at work. There is a new higher bridge is built, and the old one is currently being torn down.

“The facts date back to last weekend, when through the lake during the night when the shuttering of the bridge was to be removed,” says the spokesperson of the group, Liliane Stinissen, the Flemish inland Waterways. “It’s a small operation, with taps on the front is being worked on. Fortunately, cutting the existing employees ‘ in time and what was going to happen, so everyone’s safety was to bring. There were no injuries.”

The images are of the strong blow, and were quickly shared across a number of sites. The work, after the accident temporarily shut down, but the incident did not have any impact on the brugwerf.

Normally, the traffic will be local to shut down such activities are taking place. According to the rumors, would be for the captain to get drunk to have been, even though it is not clear if the ship is steered. About Liliane Stinissen, nothing to say. “For us, the incident is over, the water police must now decide if anyone is at fault.”

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