The Turkish president, Erdogan can be of the statements of the American ambtsgenoot Donald Trump on the position of the United States of america in Syria, which “does not follow”. That’s what he said to journalists on the plane after a trip to India. He also refuses to speak to the Us vice-president Mike Pence and secretary of state Mike Pompeo, even if they are on the way to the capital, Ankara.

the Turkey run since last week of an offensive in the north-east of Syria against the Kurdish militia YPG, as the ally of the West in the fight against the jihadists of the ISIS in the country. Ankara sees the army because of their Kurdish background, however, is as a “terrorist”.

prior To the start of the Turkish attack, it seemed, the Us president, Trump and there is a green light, due to the withdrawal of the U.s. troops out of the area to announce it. At the beginning of the attack, he said in the tweets threatening language against Turkey, and he made a mention of the sanctions, “the Turkish economy could destroy it”.

He remained, hot and cold blow up on Twitter, as he said, first, that the Kurdish fighters, as the united states has not helped in the Second world War, but the fact that he had a lot of them,”. At another time a voice said that “in my opinion, Napoleon, and the Kurds can protect it”.

“When we look at the statements made by Trump on Twitter, we’re at the point where we have the tweets are no longer able to follow”, mocked Erdogan on Wednesday.

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the , , Erdogan claims that Kurdish forces push and pull from the Turkish side of the border

Erdogan, demanded that the Kurdish forces in the north-east of Syria lay down their arms and withdraw from the region. “Our proposal is that all of the terrorists right away, tonight, with their weapons and equipment to lay, and all their fortifications, to destroy and to pull out of the safe zone, which we determined to have,” said Erdogan in an address to the members of his own party. When that is done, from Manbij to the Iraqi border, our operation is Vredesbron, that is, only the terrorists are targeting, but that will end”, he added.

finally, The president concluded any negotiations with the Kurdish forces. “Some of the leaders trying to mediate in the dispute. At the same table with a terrorist organisation, there is no such thing in the history of the Turkish republic,” said the president. “We’re not looking for an agent, you don’t need it.”

Erdoğan wants to be Mike Pence, however, still encounter

even Though he previously had said, will make History on Thursday the Us vice-president Mike Pence will meet with. The Us president, when He sent Pence to Turkey in order to have a cease-fire in Syria to improve the situation.

Erdogan had been with the station of Sky News, said to be Pennies, and the minister of Foreign Affairs, and Mike Pompeo, just by their Turkish counterparts would have received. The president is in fact going to the U.s. delegation to the meeting”, send a tweet to the communicatiedirecteur of the Turkish government, Fahrettin Altun.

The American vice-president and minister for foreign affairs to travel on Wednesday to Turkey to assist in the military conflict between Turkey and Kurds in Syria. Also, the national security adviser, Robert O’brien is going to join me. “I won’t make them meet you”, was Erdogan after a meeting in the parliament with the members of the ruling party, declared. “They and their colleagues encounter. I can speak only with He, when he comes in.”

Erdogan also said that he has yet to decide whether or not he has the next month to the United States. As President He has brought him in for a visit on the 13th of november, the White House invited to attend.

in Front of the members of parliament from his party and had the History each and every conversation with the Kurdish forces, are excluded. He claims that they are the weapons of submission to the Turkish border and back.
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