One of series of Home greets from the november actress, Marilou Mermans. Ten years ago, it took a while, ” Els Vervloet, the mother of the civil law notary Peter Vlerick (Geert Hunaerts). The relationship between mother and son was, at the time, is not very easy. Peter took his mother-even after a shocking confrontation on the street. Over the past decade, and it was only her voice, but it soon emerges they have to. It is not yet clear how the Els was once again in the range of the scene is displayed. Mermans, now 75 years old, is best known for the Lili and Marleen. , in which she is mother, Lisa, played.

Marilou Mermans. Photo: Gil Plaquet and More about the home away from Home“, Everybody was waiting for the big reconciliation, Tamara and Bob,” the Actress New Spike to see her ‘at Home’-a character from the little to the audience favorite go to Romance and grief in “Home,” Frank burst into tears at the farewell to Map What is going on with the Map in the ‘Home’ event? “I’m not dead”