Hiking with children – Six family-friendly hikes in Switzerland Many families spend the summer actively involved in the Swiss nature. We present six Hiking trails that are also suitable for children.Karin Keller (travel content)0 comment Eder witch path in Fribourg to Schwarzsee.Themed Hiking paths can make children cheerful hikers.Photo: ZVG

Switzerland is a migrant country: There are 65’000 km of marked Hiking trails, the population migrates often and with pleasure. For families, hikes are recommended. There are numerous Hiking trails that are suitable for families or even explicitly to younger migrant birds depend.

We have compiled a selection of family Hiking trails, all of which are designed as circular routes, and where a is the arrival by car is possible.

Mysterious mythical creatures on the trail of The witch path to the Schwarzsee

This easy hike takes you once around the lake. By the way, aside from a few small inclines, flat and stroller accessible. Adults can enjoy the picturesque landscape, and the children dive into the magical world of the Region. What is it with the gold hole, the Hutätä and the Ankenhex be? At the different stations to discover a lot of things to do and learn. The lake invites you to splash, food there is out of the backpack at one of the numerous picnic and fire places, or in the Restaurant.

length: 4,4 km. Duration: approximately 2 hours of pure runtime. Suitable for: children in pre – school and school age, babies and toddlers in strollers. Season: may to October.

More info: www.schwarzsee.ch

ü The Säntis, A mountain hike with the stroller

The Säntis is impressive: With a well 2500 m. M. it is the highest mountain in the Alpstein, Eastern Switzerland. It’s hard to believe that you can hike in this area with children. However, the round trip from and to the Schwägalp is in the book “children of the wagon – way between Säntis and lake Constance,” as suitable for children mountain Hiking car described. The hike requires a car with good suspension and brakes. The stroller pushing adults to be compensated by the diverse nature and the views of the impressive mountain world for their efforts.

length: 6.5 km. Duration: approximately 2 hours. Suitable for: babies and small children in strollers, children in primary school age. Season: March to October.

the country More info: Appenzell.ch

A picture book-migration: The bell for Ursli trail in Guarda The bell for Ursli trail in Guarda In Guarda (GR) can be modeled on the adventures of bell for Ursli.Photo: Dominik Täuber

What child is not familiar with the story of the bell for Ursli? On the bell for Ursli trail in Guarda, children and adults can hike for 2016 on the tracks of the Engadine Bubs. The trail runs above the village, on various Items in the adventure of Ursli can be modeled in a playful way: The Spread of the bells for the Chalandamarz, the climb to the summer pastures on the suspension bridge, visiting the animals in the night. A simple, short hike that is also suitable for the Smallest.

length: 3.6 km. Duration: approximately 1.5 hours of pure runtime. Suitable for: children in pre – school and school age. Season: may to October.

More info: regio.outdooractive.com

The (maybe) most beautiful mountain lake of Switzerland: The Lagh da Saoseo is A popular destination for hikers : The Lagh da Saoseo in the Poschiavo valley.Photo: ZVG

A walk in the beautiful Val Poschiavo, which is perfect for families with bigger children. You will take between two and seven hours, depending on whether the Tour starts in Sfazù, or further back in the valley. From Sfazù the use of motorised private transport is forbidden, the Reservation for the post of car mandatory. The hike takes you through forests and meadows, and past several small lakes, the Val shape as the Camp. The mountain lakes shimmer in various shades of blue, from near impress you with its crystal clear water.

length: 5.3 to 15 km. Duration: approximately 2 to 7 hours. Suitable for: children in primary school age, Teenagers. Season: may to October.

More info: www.valposchiavo.ch

Historical water channels and wide view of The irrigation channels to Nendaz discover

The dry climate the farmers are forced in the Canton of Valais, to irrigate the fields. To do so, you have built a system of irrigation channels, the so-called Suonen (in French “les bisses”). These shaped the history and culture of the Region over the centuries. Along these channels, a circular route that is particularly suitable for families. Since the water pipes to some extent run parallel, must be completed no major climbs. Since you have time to enjoy the views of the Bernese and Valais Alps.

length: 13 km. Duration: approximately 3.5 hours. Suitable for: children in primary school age, Teenagers. Season: may to October.

More info: www.nendaz.ch

walking through the middle ages: along The Rhine to the castle high sound Around the hohenklingen castle in Stein am Rhein, there are resting places.Photo: myswitzerland.com

The medieval town of Stein am Rhine and its vineyards are always worth a visit. This family-friendly hike takes you first along the Rhine and through the vineyards up into the forest. The hohenklingen castle can be providing barbecue at various barbecue and enjoy the views of the Untersee and the Rhine. Many stairs, it goes back down to Stein am Rhein, where time remains for a Glace on the shores of the Rhine river.

length: 8 km. Duration: approximately 2.5 hours. Suitable for: children in primary school age, Teenagers. Season: All Year.

More info: www.myswitzerland.com

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