New security features make it difficult to the money counterfeiters of the craft. In the past year, the number of seized Euro-blossoms fell in Germany and Europe. Police, trade and banks in Europe dragged on 563.000 fake banknotes out of circulation. That was nearly 19 percent less than in the year 2017, as the European announced Central Bank (ECB) on Friday in Frankfurt. The calculated damage was around 31.4 million Euro to 36 million Euro in 2017.

In Germany, the number of Euro-blossom fell, according to the Bundesbank within a year by 20 percent to a little more than 58,000 Tickets. “The introduction of the new Europa series with improved protection against counterfeiting is the reason for this,” said Bundesbank Executive Board Johannes Beermann. The damage due to incorrect Bank notes in the Federal Republic decreased from 4.1 million euros in 2017 to around 3.4 million euros last year.

“Incorrect a 20-Euro Bills, there is significantly less. Also, the number of 70 percent on the most common counterfeit 50-Euro banknotes has decreased markedly,“ said Beermann. At the beginning of April 2017, the had been about brought a 50-Euro banknote with enhanced security features renewed among the people, the revised 20s there are already since the end of November 2015. As the hurdles for counterfeiters transparent portrait window, and the emerald number. At the end of may in 2019, the Central banks want to spend the 100-Euro and 200 – Euro banknote with enhanced security features.