No lights anymore on the other side of the street, right in the place where you want to cross it and the traffic at the intersection significantly safer. The Roads and Traffic Agency (AWV) has several pilot projects running. The new system would also reduce verkeersagressie at pedestrians, to guide.

we walk to a crossroad, cross the bridge, waiting at the lights on the other side of the street on the green, jump in the air. In Bruges, we felt that now, however, the pilot projects have started up, with these lights on the street disappear. Pedestrians will have to rely on the lights on their side of the street. Seen on the green – light to hang it eye-level – is allowed to be crossed.

Photos: mvn

The pilot projects have as an aim the traffic at the intersection with the traffic lights to make it safer, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists. According to the AWV notes that those who have a right, sometimes unjustly, to conclude that if the traditional lights in a red state, and there is no pedestrians have more crossing, and cyclists, and more. “While the cyclists are on some of the crossings can sometimes be a long groentijd than a pedestrian,” explained Veva Daniels on the AWV out of.

That led to the accident, according to the Flemish mobiliteitsminister I have been Peeters (Open VLD). Hence, the test with the lights on the opposite side of where the pedestrians have to leave, which makes it slightly more visible to drivers, and thus give rise to incorrect inferences.

Rush, and then attack.

According to Smith, who took over the project was done by the Flemish Parliament and the partijgenote Mercedes Volcem, does this setup have any advantages. Pedestrians today to cross the road, the light is red, see a jump, have experienced that it is sometimes stressful, “so she began to hurry, and make sure older people have the risk of a crash is increasing”, says Werner De Dobbeleer of the Flemish Foundation for Traffic knowledge (VSV).

Photograph: Simon Mouton

the light on the other side, and see the crossing pedestrians, the light is no longer red in the long jump, so that a possible stress reaction behind.

in The current situation, sometimes even to the extent of the verkeersagressie, according to Smith. Those who have a right, to see that the traditional lights are on red, while there are still pedestrians in the crosswalk there. “The drivers think we are sometimes angry that they have the red lights, ignoring, as is usually the bright red to jump when she was half way out,” according to The Dobbeleer, who in the pilot is a good thing to find.

The AWV wants to be in a few months for the scheme to evaluate, and then decide whether or not they’re more crossings will be introduced, although there are also a number of international arrangements are needed.

finally, Smith stresses the importance of this new lichtenregeling “for the pedestrians to carry and can feel”, which is why they wish to expand an awareness-raising campaign will be set up.
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