The controversial Deputy Alexandra Walter has not been included in their group. Walter is suspected to have right-extremist ideas spread. Like the F. A. Z. reported to be the politician, according to the country Chairman Klaus Herrmann and Robert Lambrou is the author of some of the comments on Facebook, “a questionable, one-sided understanding of history.”

to call On Friday at the inaugural session of the Parliament in Wiesbaden, Germany, Lambrou, however, refused the reasons for the exclusion.

The AfD group has now 18 members, said the Chairman. Walter seats in the last row on the squares of the AfD group in the Parliament. They had been elected on the list of twelve in the Hessian Landtag. The politician from the district Association Wholesalers will belong to Gerau well as non-attached members of the Parliament, said Lambrou.

rout at the election of the Vice-President

In the election of the five Vice-presidents of the new Hessian state Parliament, the AfD candidate Bernd Erich Vohl fell through on the first ballot.

The AfD, requested passage of a second Vote and to be nominated for re-Vohl, fell back by. In Parliament, it was requested on Friday a third secret ballot and, once again, Vohl for the Post nominated. It was the last such choice at the inaugural session of the Landtag, The state Parliament had decided to increase with the arrival of the Alternative for Germany in the Wiesbaden Parliament, the number of Vice-presidents from five to six.