wife Johna, and as Chairman of the Marburger Bund, you know the work situation of hospital physicians. What suits your colleagues?

Ingrid Karb

sheet maker in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

In the foreground the theme of time. The colleagues want more time for a humane patient care, for training, for discussions with colleagues and more predictable free time. This will therefore be a focus in our collective bargaining – besides, I think, a moderate tariff increase of five percent. The working hours of Physicians must first be recognized properly, because we know that you will be fined in retrospect, often.

How much a doctor is allowed to work a maximum of?

The collective bargaining agreement provides so far, with consent, in a so-called Opt-Out scheme, an average of 58 hours a week. Most Doctors work a regular 40 hours a week and have on-call services. We require at least two free weekends a month.

clinic physicians must treat more patients. Chief doctors are supposed to be part of a contractual obligation, to provide certain case numbers.

Earlier, there have been such contracts definitely. The Federal chamber of physicians has dealt with, and, together with the German hospital Association to come to an agreement, ultimately, in the legislation. It is now prohibited to conclude such agreements. Doctors are, unfortunately, still under pressure. However, you should have only the Risk assessment within the meaning of the patient in the head and not the consideration of what this means financially for the Department or the clinic. The must play no relevant role.

but it Does?

Yes, because of the commercialization of medicine. It may not be that the patient will have to earn supply to the vehicle-for-money.

are you against private hospital groups?

Personally, I have problems with large corporations expect double-digit returns. This is contrary to the solidarity-based financing of our health care system speaks. Better, I think as a non-profit clinic corporations, which specify that the money stays in the System and reinvested. Of course, all hospitals must make a profit.


you need, as other companies also, five to six percent return on investment. Also because the countries of their investment costs financing of non-descendants. For years, the houses are under-funded you will notice on the technical equipment and the building substance. In order to increase the revenue, increase clinics pay their case. This is the wrong approach. The basic idea to go about a cut-throat competition, look for in health care. We should ask ourselves the question, whether in a Metropolitan area such as Frankfurt, where several hospitals are located close to each other, each clinic everything has to offer. The houses are needed, but it would be more useful if it would focus every house in certain areas of specialization.

Has the hospital in Rüdesheim, where you work, such a focus?

This is not a house, the focus of care, but the basic and standard care, which is also involved in emergency care. If we diagnose a serious illness, the need to be highly specialized, will be moved to the Patient.