today Is not the best day for the new year? We have a lot of ideas. The Prime Minister, for example, we want just a friendly little thing: that he does not carry out to 2019, to speak in panel discussions, all of the other on the wall. It is also not bad if someone speaks differently and he stands silently next to it. From Frankfurt’s Lord mayor, in turn, we want it to produce, instead of the usual flowery speech about the internationality of the city, clear concepts of how the main metropolis.

From the many businessmen in Frankfurt, we wish that you make for 2019, the community in which you can earn good money, understand your own and vorbildhaftem behavior in society, not only in the business reports to write. It may engage a few more managers and entrepreneurs for a new building of the Municipal theater than the one that came in the fall from the cover.

from all Of the involved judges, we hope that you keep in your certainly wise Judgments about Driving with diesel cars in the inner cities of the Region dimension; so long as in office spaces to the half of the higher limits apply as at intersections, you have to handle not forbidden is always the same with driving. The Airport Director may, in turn, make that 2019 every passenger who arrives on time at terminal 1 or 2, his machine gets, and not as the last before Christmas, missed out because the queues at the security controls are, once again, too long. And if space is on the list of his good intentions: what would it be Like to put the headstrong attitude to the rail connection of the future Terminals3 ad acta, and to provide for a S-Bahn Stop there, together with Deutsche Bahn and RMV?

From all which, in the three years to ensure that the refugees integrate into the society, we wish that you continue and do not lose heart, if you are treated with hostility. Because, after all, we want all that you choose to discuss something more relaxed. Not everyone who has a different opinion is a Moron; we live in a wonderful country, the envy of many. In this sense: On a happy 2019!