Capital Bra and Zuna – Why love English rapper the footballer Benzema?Zuna rakes in with his latest Solo Song, just a million clicks on the streaming platforms. The title of the song: “Benzema”. It is not the first German rap Hit, the name. What’s behind it? Martin Fischer0 comment and Eder, French soccer star Karim Benzema poses in front of his Sneaker collection.Photo: Instagram

Zuna trendet with his latest Single, “Benzema”: A week after the Release of the Songs of the street, rapper from Dresden, and is thought to be the Boyfriend of Loredana has already collected 2.7 million Streams on Youtube and Spotify – and so the second Deutschrap-Hit with the title, “Benzema” created. The praised in song, and berappte title of hero in the play is Karim Benzema, French footballer, 32 years old, for 11 years at Real Madrid, where he estimated to be earned in the year, around 10 million Swiss francs.

To the point quickly rewound to January 2019: at the Time, entered Deutschrap-Dominator Capital Bra with his exactly the same-titled Song in Germany, number one in the Charts, in Switzerland, he came in second place. Until today, Capital Bras “Benzema has United” on the largest platforms of over 150 million Streams on.

Rapper Zuna in the REC mode.Photo: instagram capital Bra at work on the stage.Photo: Instagram1 / 2

How e s that the large German rapper deal with the French football star of your own hymns? Four attempts at explanation.

Benzema are new images herBenzema on holiday in Dubai.Photo: Instagram

rappers sing more and more – thanks to Autotune, but their core business will remain Text and voice images. So you’re constantly chasing new metaphors, and Slogans that go on the list of luxury brands or the verbal poses in a drug dealer-sign also. As a footballer, Benzema helps: Capital Bra uses him in order to assert his relevance in the music scene: “I am a regular player like Benzema”, he sings in the chorus.

In the case of Zunas picture Language, any thought of Competition in the foreground. He raps: “Benzema, Benzema, huh / Get the Maximum, yellow gold on the skin”. A few lines later, the word for river is also the words “undefeated” and “taken to fall in a staccato-safe”. Zuna needs to prove himself still, so its Benzema-metaphor – other than Capital Bra, which ended up with “Benzema” his eighth number one.

Benzema sounds simple gutDer Real-Madrid-Star knows how to present himself.Photo: Instagram

Capital rhymes in his Song “Canada” and “Bra” to “Benzema”. What is the German word would make him the possible? A Bonus for the Berlin Rapper In Benzema and the word “Benz’s” in there – what Capital Bra to a rhymes-combination of the name of the car brand and its own power: “I’m a regular player like Benzema, roll’ in Benzer, Bra / I’ the Benzer bar”. At Zuni, in turn, go more to the pure word sound: He fires two quick successive “Benzema, Benzema” and a “Huh!” in it. Ready for the perfectly timed Hook is.

Benzema is a stunner from Karim Benzema invested a lot in his body.Photo: Instagram

The Real Madrid striker is 1.85 meters in height and his muscle-bound 81-pound body in spite of its delicate foot technique, this powerful, explosive footballer, type of storm tank. He eats through the enemy’s defences, at the head ball duels, the air space and shoots a lot of goals from a medium distance, with powerful, targeted long shots. If he cheered, spreading his arms or clenches his two fists on hips, and screams in the Fanränge. Benzema assertiveness exudes, he takes to his room, marked with masculinity and strength. The same way rappers want to be seen.

Benzema is one of them Benzema in front of one of his cars.Photo: Instagram

Karim Benzema is “the rap star among the footballers,” says Elia Binelli. The founder of the Swiss Rap magazine, “Lyrics” is a major part of Benzemas beam power on the German rapper in the history of life. “He is a migrant child, growing up in a criminal environment, that has managed to get out of the Banlieues, and to become a millionaire is,” says Binelli. Benzema poses on Instagram, where over 34 million people, follow, like with French rappers, is shown in his Private Gym to the muscles pumps or with expensive brand clothes, and much more expensive cars.

The Parallel to Capital and Zuna are there on the Insta-float to the top: Rap-Achiever Capital Bra grew up in poor circumstances in Berlin’s East, when he came as a seven-year-old with his mother from the Ukraine to Germany. Zuna fled as a 15-Year-old from Lebanon and dealing a long time with drugs. In the French national team, Karim Benzema is not, despite consistent performances for years in the squad. The geek role fits also to the rappers they were on the red carpets of the foreign and of the music industry often represents, says Elia Binelli. And since the core of the matter: A successful Football club and the big gangster-rapper dreams can be quite nice to have a lot in common is good.

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