Heat wave (or almost) obliges, here it is back. The fan, which French men and women have reason to appreciate lately, may have been a strong ally for many households during the heat wave that France had to go through this month. of June 2022. The situation is all the more worrying as it should continue, at least in the east of the country, as explained by the specialized site Tamétéo.com. The official Météo Languedoc platform is concerned, for its part, about the emergence of a new wave…

To protect yourself from the overwhelming heat, there are several tips. One of the simplest to implement, underlines the comment-economiser.fr blog, is to learn how to place your fan correctly. And for good reason ! When it is not installed in the right place… it just blows already hot air. And therefore does little to clean up the room in which it was placed.

The trick is not complex but it is counter-intuitive: to maintain a good temperature – or make it drop – you simply have to place the device in front of your window so that it blows… outwards . By doing so, explains the site, it will expel the hot air outside the home without letting in cooler air (this is particularly useful when another window has been opened upstream to create a draft).

But here it is: you must of course avoid carrying out such a maneuver when the air outside is warmer or heavier than that inside… That’s why it’s a trick that turns out to be more effective by night. A good hearer!