Getting married is an important milestone in one’s life. People spend months planning their D-day and doing everything they can to make it a dreamy affair. The wedding ceremony indeed is special for everyone and one does not leave any stone unturned when it comes to starting a new life with their loved one. Right from the jewellery to the venue to even the caterer, one looks to opt for the best ones in the business. However, the idea of a picture-perfect wedding is no more just a thought for individuals who wish to make their wedding date nothing short of a grand affair. With the availability of wedding loans, one can easily have the wedding of their dreams without having to worry about any financial hassles. Read to know all about getting a marriage loan in India.


What is a marriage loan?


A marriage loan is a personal loan that you can avail to cover your wedding expenses. Since weddings require you to cater to different expenses such as that of hiring a caterer, booking a venue, makeup artist, printing invitation cards, buying clothes and even jewellery, this loan comes in handy by helping you cater to such financial requirements in an easy way. Getting a personal loan for marriage is an easy solution to cater to different wedding expenses without having to exhaust your savings or even keep any collateral to avail a loan.


Eligibility criteria for getting a personal loan for marriage


Most lenders in India require you to meet the below criteria to get a loan for a wedding. However, the criteria may vary from lender to lender.


  • You must be a citizen of India
  • You should be aged between 21-60 years
  • You should be a salaried professional employed with private, public or a government
  • You should be a salaried professional having a minimum salary of Rs. 15,000 per month


Documents required to get a personal loan for marriage


It is important to note that the below list of document requirement may vary from lender to lender.

  • Address proof such as Aadhar card, driving license, utility bill or passport
  • Identity proof such as PAN card, Aadhar card, passport or driving license
  • Last 3 months salary slip
  • Last 3 months bank statement
  • Form 16 if required


Here’s how getting a personal loan for a wedding is beneficial:


Get instant access to funds: With a personal loan, you can plan your wedding in a better way as you get quick access to funds. This is one of the primary benefits of getting this type of loan as quick access to funds makes it easy for you to cater to different expenses. From planning the honeymoon to paying the caterer or even buying the jewellery, you don’t have to worry about arranging funds in the last moment.


Use the funds for any wedding-related purpose: There are no such specific restrictions on the usage of the marriage loan amount. You can use the funds for taking care of any wedding-related expenses such as booking the makeup artist, photographer, paying the jeweller, printing wedding invitation cards, buying gifts, buying a wedding dress or for booking honeymoon tickets as well. Additionally, you also don’t have to mention the reason for availing the wedding loan and don’t have to provide any expense receipts.


Choose tenure and EMI you wish to pay: A personal loan for marriage comes with flexible tenure and EMI options that make it easy for you to repay the loan. A personal loan is generally offered for a tenure of 12 months-36 months that ensure the monthly EMI don’t hurt your monthly expenses and you can easily pay the EMIs on time. You can also plan your repayment in a better way using a personal loan EMI calculator that helps you get an estimate of the EMI you will have to pay for different tenures at a varying interest rate.


Enjoy competitive interest rates: Having a good credit score makes it easy for you to get a marriage loan at a competitive interest rate. With a better interest rate, you can repay the loan sooner and become debt-free in several months. With several online lenders, you can get a loan at an interest rate as low as Rs. 2500/lakh.


You don’t have to liquidate your savings: To pay for the wedding expenses you don’t have to redeem your fixed deposits or liquidate your savings as premature withdrawal can lead to loss of interest and can also incur additional charges. At such times, opting for a personal loan is what you should do as it will help you with funds at low-interest rates. Additionally, this type of loan is the unsecured type that ensures you don’t have to keep any collateral or a guarantor to avail the loan.




When you apply for marriage loan, you must opt for a loan amount you can repay. Make a financial plan before opting a loan as non-repayment of EMIs can hurt your CIBIL score and can lead to rejection of loan applications in future.