Helping angels or rice at the end of wolves? – Maddie and the British PresseDie latest twist in the case of the missing three years awakens in the UK caused a big stir. The well-known mud battle in the media, however, remains.0 KommentareBis unsolved today: Maddie McCann disappeared on may 3. May 2007 from her hotel room.Photo: Metropolitan Police

As the three-year-old British girl Maddie McCann on 3. May 2007 disappeared from her bed in a holiday apartment in Portugal’s Praia da Luz, it was not long until the small town was overrun by journalists.

It was father Gerry, a doctor from Scotland who set up the professional PR machinery in motion was not in order for his daughter disappears from the public perception. Today the McCanns will not give up the hope of finding their daughter alive: “But what will always be the result of: We need to know, because we need to find peace.”

We need to know, because we need to find peace.

Kate and Gerry McCann

the Portuguese police and the media should have taken care of hype from the beginning for the surprise and suspicion. Strengthened all the more, as the British Newspapers with the Anglo-Saxon superiority was reported feeling about the allegedly amateurish investigators from the southern European country.

mother Kate and father Gerry McCann were suddenly themselves under suspicion. Why have they left Maddie and her two younger siblings alone in the apartment as they ate at a nearby Restaurant with friends in the evening? The investigators assumed that an accident happened and the parents just let the corpse of Maddie’s disappearance.

The Story about the missing Madeleine as her real Name – fell into a time when the British media of rampant goods than ever. British journalists listened to phones, to get information about celebrities and victims of crime. The meanwhile set “News of the World” published diary entries of Kate McCann from the time of the kidnapping excuse, without their consent, and to the public.

the Sunday Times was sued by the couple because, she reported, the two had kept back information about the Disappearance of Maddie’s.

A couple of examples from the British press, on the case of Maddie Mccann.A couple of examples from the British press, on the case of Maddie Mccann.A couple of examples from the British press, on the case of Maddie Mccann.1 / 6

For the British tabloids, the McCanns were a money printing machine, because the family is presentable – both parents Doctors, successful, Catholic, and attractive. “If Kate was thick, pimply and old, you would not sell all of these Newspapers,” quoted the magazine “Vanity Fair”, a sister-in-law.

More than a Million pounds of “Pain and suffering” and compensation to the McCanns and their friends were invested in the Foundation, which was founded in the Couple. With the Foundation they wanted to Finance the search for their daughter. Nothing left unturned: private detectives, visit to the Pope, an interview with US talk master Oprah Winfrey – all the levers were set in motion to make on the fate of their daughter’s attention.

It was, in retrospect, like a roller-coaster ride of emotions: First the support for the family, then the serious allegations made against them and a respect for fuller handling of the British media with you. Mother Kate gave up her Job as a Doctor to care more about their family and the search for Maddie.

Main track since 2007

The parents of the most recent information from Germany to be regarded as probably the most important track in the past 13 years. A mud battle in the British media, it is no longer there. The focus of the reporting, the suspect is 43-Year-old from Germany called in the British press with the full name now.

400 instructions have been received in the past few days, the British investigators. You expect more from a missing person’s case. The officials in Germany to keep Maddie is dead.

go To 10. Anniversary of Maddie’s disappearance, the parents gave the station “BBC” for an Interview. Still, you buy gifts for your daughter’s birthday and Christmas, said Kate McCann. “I am, of course, about how old she is, and that it is appropriate for them whenever we find them. So it is a lot of thought.”

The anniversaries, and the birthday had to endure the most “by Far the most difficult”, said Gerry McCann. Both dates are in may. Maddie would now be 17 years old – if she still was alive.

Kate and Gerry McCann posing in 2012 with a computer-generated image of their daughter.Photo: Andrew Winning/Reuters

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