clichés don’t like Helmut Lotti. The Belgian served for nearly three decades, the most beautiful images from the cuddly singer, the dream of all mothers-in-law, or romantic heart-breaker. However, the conversation comes to these stereotypes, waves from the 49-year-old Flame that has sold in his career so far, more than 13 million records, only slightly annoyed: “All this I did not invent, and I don’t busy myself with this nonsense.”

bullshit? Anyone who has visited a concert of the singer and the Golden Symphonic Orchestra, knows only too well that such images are not fetched so far, the smart man, however, since at least for one evening, the ladies of the great romantic fulfillment dream: Lotti is the Charmer, charming and flirting, it’s drooling, half-seas over, and sets his innocence, angel, – look – and the ladies ‘ world is at his feet, as not only the red roses, letters, and lovingly Packed gifts. Especially since Westminster is not summons to the stage alone musically, just like the happiness of a great love, to put this into perspective, in conversation with a view to his own private life, then very soberly: “Of the great love I do not talk – such silly formulations, I don’t take it in the mouth.” At least, not more: a Burnt child dreads the fire, after three failed marriages, the biggest sycophants will be more careful.

“For me, the melody is the most Important thing”

His love for romantic melodies have done these experiences, however, are not leaving: “For me, the melody is the most Important thing,” he says, and the professional in him knows only too well that “it must be on my albums romance”. An attitude of expectation, thanks to its all evenly soft sink the orchestra even in the current Soul, with the Lotti after the release of his new album in September of last year on Tour now: Instead of the crisp Grooves floods here, “Soul Classics in Symphony” the ear canals. Even otherwise, the singer sticks to his formula for success – as with his Latin, or Swing-trips he makes big Hits of the genre, this time about the “Wonderful World” and “My Girl”, in their own symphonic Arrangements of grace. “I’m not a black voice, because it would be ridiculous if I would try to imitate such,” says Lotti way to go completely sober approach to his.

This professional pragmatism seems to be the artist to be private equity: Last year was diagnosed with a Form of mild autism. Instead of shield, made of the singer in public: “It has calmed me down – now I know what’s going on.” That he had a “different view of the world”, it had been noticed earlier: “I thought I was just different, as in the case of the baboons.” Lotti, the primacy? However, the singer continues the comparison, quite seriously: “there are in the group a leader, one that makes him deny, many of the other monkeys to follow him and sits in the corner, looking at everything and not power, as I am.”

The always well-coiffed toupee past

this openness surprised in an industry that is otherwise obsessed with the beautiful appearance. But Lotti seem to be interested in such ideal images little. The avid cyclist is blossoming beyond the stage, especially in the seclusion of his old farm on the edge of the Ardennes, as he explains: “In nature I never feel lonely, but as a part of the great Whole.” And then he enthuses about the huge standing stone from the Gallic time, the be found in the vicinity of his house – “a Menhir, as Obelix always carried on the back”.