now, Anderlecht is struggling with a mystery blessuregolf. Against AA Gent, mist, purple, white, Trebel, Kompany, Chadli, Nasri, Sandler, Dimata, Bakkali, Najar, and Gerkens. Not a chance, says former coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck, who is on the Studio Live to Play Sports is a declaration.

“People have been surprised by all the injuries for Anderlecht, but I am not”, he Vanhaezebrouck from the start. “When AA Gent is looking for the right people to put on, with regard to the capacity-building. You are not going to a Formula 1 drive with the motor of your Volkswagen. Otherwise, don’t have much time to participate. You really have to see whom you are going to wear. You are going to that players as well as the medical and screening, in order to, perhaps, here and there, all alone, to refuse to accept it. At AA Gent was that effective and it really is very, very, very good at Anderlecht, his players received from the many, many millions of which have not even checked it.”

Vanhaezebrouck expressly disclaims chairman Marc Coucke with a finger. “There are people who are always on the big names want to be on. And if there is, then, a risk of injury itself, which is not so much to find. It was at Ostend, but also in the Neighbourhoods.” Or Marc Coucke is on the big names to kick? “In any case. There were new players that have not been tested should be used. And then, of course, you sometimes have a player with the injury afterwards is worse then you thought it would be. If a player that is not on the engine that you had hoped it would be.”

“And then, afterwards, to the medical staff therein. However, the medical staff, and even the admission will not be given to the players prior to testing, then they deserve that recognition is not. I have to Anderlecht with two and three players to be denied that he has been trying to push through. I said to her: no, that is absolutely impossible . Just as well, or else they had more of an of now. Last year, they were at Anderlecht, with a medical staff of four physicians, of whom no one knew exactly what their specific responsibilities. It was not a good mutual understanding of each other. However, the medical staff of Anderlecht, will not part out, because they will fly out. And no, this is not a statement about my ex-team. I’ve had a long time to be settled with what I had to pay.”

for More about RSC Anderlecht, Frank Vercauteren been kind to his players: “We missed a lot of luck” ANALYSIS. Stress and a lack of experience, a neck and Anderlecht are OUR STRENGTHS. Especially the players from Anderlecht, just a couple of gebuisden for AA Gent Tattered Anderlecht) gives you a certain victory against AA Gent, in the 94th minute and still be out of your hands