This winter, the ventilation of your homes will be more important than ever: clean air is crucial for good health, and in the midst of the 8th wave of Covid-19 it is not insignificant. However, energy shortages are also on everyone’s mind, and concerns are strong about the sufficient heating of homes.

The MesDépanneurs site provides the solution: the most effective way to air out would be in sessions of 5 to 10 minutes, to be done 3 to 4 times a day. This technique would be much more effective in renewing the air than leaving a window left ajar for long periods of time. In addition, these few minutes will not be enough for the walls to discharge the accumulated heat, so the room will not cool, or very little.

To avoid pollution, which is preferable given that the objective is to clean the air you breathe, it is advisable to ventilate early in the morning or late at night… Despite the fact that these are also the times of the day when it is coldest. If you live in an unpolluted area, do not hesitate to ventilate between noon and 2 p.m.

The rooms to be favored are the bathrooms, toilets and laundry rooms, concerning humidity. It is also advisable to ventilate the bedrooms well after a long night’s sleep. The most affected rooms are therefore those where we tend to spend the least time during the day!

It is advisable to turn off the heating during ventilation, so as not to waste energy. Moreover, it is therefore preferable to cut it 5 to 10 minutes before airing.

Once the windows are closed, restart your heating. The room shouldn’t have cooled much, but the air will be cleaner. It will also be a priori less humid, and will therefore warm up faster, according to MesDépanneurs.

When ventilating rooms such as the bathroom or utility room, which do not routinely require or have radiators, it will be important to enclose the doors. Thus, by ventilating the different rooms of your home in turn, you will cool it less as a whole.

If your windows are small or the atmosphere particularly heavy and humid, it is nevertheless advisable to create air currents throughout your home, always respecting the limit of 5 to 10 minutes.