Autumn is definitely here. After a hot summer, are we heading towards a particularly cool season? In any case, the drop in temperatures this week seems very early.

This week, there are few departments where it will be more than 20°C during the day. The nights, and the mornings, are also expected to be quite cold in certain regions. “This week is marked by significant temperature differences between morning and afternoon. These large amplitudes are linked to clear skies. At night, it promotes a rapid drop in temperatures by radiation with, at daybreak, temperatures sometimes close to 5°C in the plain with the possible formation of hoarfrosts from the north to the center of the country”, notes the Weather Channel.

A climate that could push many households to turn on their heating even before the official arrival of autumn… So as not to shiver too much at home. But this is not necessarily a good idea: and heating your home too early could well increase your energy bill. So, before making a decision, ask yourself these 7 questions that we set out in the following slideshow.

Winter 2023 promises to be tough on the wallet. Last week, the government announced a 15% increase in gas and electricity prices from next January. It’s almost 20 euros per month more on the electricity bill, for example. Faced with the country’s energy supply difficulties, there are also fears of cuts in very cold weather, and the authorities are now calling on the French to show “energy sobriety”. That is, save energy as much as possible. President Emmanuel Macron himself has urged households not to heat their homes above 19°C this summer.