Summer has not yet officially started and the hot weather has already returned to the territory. Friday June 17, 2022, 74 departments were classified as vigilant by Météo France. This phenomenon of strong heat is particularly exceptional “by its precocity, its intensity and its duration”, reports La Chaîne Météo.

With absolute heat records expected in many cities in France, it is necessary to protect yourself effectively from this “early heat wave”. To do this, here are some tips from the Ministry of Health:

These extreme temperatures don’t just threaten your health. They can also affect the proper functioning of your electronic devices, and more particularly your telephones.

In hot weather, you may notice a drop in the performance of your phone. For good reason, these electronic devices do not support too extreme temperatures.

Indeed, they “are designed to operate between 0 and 35 ° C. Beyond that, the components begin to overheat, even without using the device”, recalls Karima Ouidir, workshop manager at the repairer WeFix, in the columns of the Parisian.

Now most smartphones turn off automatically to avoid the risk of overheating.

Before getting to this situation, there are a few simple things to do to protect your phone from heat. Check them out in the slideshow below.