very nice She is reunited with her guardian, Jonathan. She lives for as long as they can, a cub in the Wildlife rescue Center, in New York city, and, therefore, will never be able to be set free in the wild. For many years, it was Jonathan, and her guardian, until the two parted ways. Recently, he returned, Jonathan was able to see it or the bears, yet he could identify it. “They had only his voice was heard at the gate, if they did all the running,” says an official from the city centre. “She is recognized not only for Jonathan, but is remembered even more for the game that they played when she was a cub it was.”

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the Elephant, Kirsty, recognizes a former caregiver, 35 years old: “I will have that memory forever in my heart and keep it.”

Cute little stray luipaardwelpjes reunited with their mothers
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