doesn’t Happen so often that the heart leaves bring to a Brood, but it has managed to do with his zodiac the fish for us: “In their relationship,” we read, “sneak in the everyday life as a little old lady to the back door.” The everyday life may be true, but what’s with the old mothers? Penetrate because, without that, the Germans would have noticed a flock of elderly ladies in their homes, and always by the back door? You then, perhaps, in the armchair, start to knit – and afterwards, if they should be back welded, tools just lying around socks from your presence? What are you In horoscope call, seems to us to be a veritable Thriller.

Jörg Thomann

editor in the Department “life,” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

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Otherwise, the leaves are preparing this week for an old father to the stage. Now, if soon-to-be son was born, tells beat writer Jack White in Colorful, will he be “the oldest living late father of the international music industry”: “square four Rod Stewart, Peter Maffay occupied. In second place with 73 years of age, has caught Mick Jagger and Jack White is 78 years.“ Congratulations on the chart success, the might be a record for eternity; although, it is one or the other gangsta rappers, when he comes in the years, dared to outdo White, but most of those are not so old. White’s wife, Rafaella, 34, is also a comment: your son will be “a further fulfillment of our love”, even if a paternity 78 years, of course, “crazy”

A bit of fear, too, that White wants to rest on his once-earned title, because, as he says of the picture: “One thing I know for sure: I will never change diapers. Or pushing the stroller – I made it at any of my children.“ This attitude can condemn or support – because of what can happen when you car is older gentlemen by the area tax, has just been shown in England, Prince Philip, 97,. Obviously himself, he has caused with his Land Rover in an accident with two minor injuries and a debate rekindled, how long seniors should still drive yourself. We think that, Yes, Philip should immediately draw the consequences – and in the future only to wife Elizabeth, 92, a ride.

Jack White in any case, none are likely to be those gentlemen, on the image-columnist Franz Josef Wagner writes as a reply to Wolfgang Schäuble: “We men of today to wear our babies in a Luggage bag in front of the chest, we push you to the organic market, wrap,” writes Wagner. “Sometimes I think, that the man of today is the new woman.” Beautiful, we would not be able to Express that Ms. Wagner. A nice formulation, but has also found an actress Jeanette Hain: “Every person we encounter, even the biggest pop of the head, gives us the Chance to grow,” she says to the Echo of the woman. A little fast for the singer Ella would have grown, of course, Finally, 34 of The new paper claims that they “fled as a Teenager from the GDR”. In the case of a 1984 Born in such a faster ripening process would have been to explain only with illegal growth hormones. Or has Finally hesitated too long and then the escape not taken, when there was the GDR long?

No escape thoughts one entertains in St. Barth’s. “Here, only people who love it really, because,” says the Model Barbara Meier Colorful. “As a result, the mood is incredibly beautiful.” In fact, very few people are likely to hate it, on a Caribbean island full of luxury hotels depend on, since the mood is understandably better than, say, in the case of us in the office.

we are of course glad to not have to work in the New sheet. Then we would have to rebuke, as it does this week, an editor, a singer for their eleven-year-old daughter of acting in alleged Lolita-Pose “on the Internet, the eyes of thousands of foreign men” – and the sheet to the imaging of the article, then prints of this photo and the child, exposes it to Thousands more.

New Post is quoted, meanwhile, what has told Monaco’s Princess Charlène about your little twins: “they love the school. Gabriella stands up, even on Saturdays, because they would like to see in the school.“ Twin brother Jacques seems, therefore, Saturday, not to get up and spend the entire day in bed, what we actually find much more likeable.