Head of the day: J. K. Rowling – she is the new enemy of the Transgender CommunityDie “Harry Potter”Creator has the perfect Shitstorm on the neck. Because it insists that there is a biological gender.MeinungMichèle Binswanger0 Comment to what you believe: Joanne Rowling, one of the most successful writers in the world. Photo: Evan Agostini (Keystone)

The social media is not as an oasis of peace known. Especially not when it comes to controversial or emotional topics. This also includes questions of biology that were previously thought to be scientifically uncontroversial belong to recently. The had to know the Creator of the “Harry Potter”, after she had the audacity to ask Twitter a question.

she posted a article about a development assistance project, in its Headline, it’s about “people who menstruate”. Rowling wrote: “I’m sure we have a word for that, can someone help me?” What I meant of course “woman”.

However, such a remark seems to be in the year 2020 to be an act of blasphemy, at least in the very well-networked Transgender Community. According to a storm of anger erupted against the 57-Year-old.

a fighter for the Marginalized

This is not surprising, even if the whole Theater is a logical fallacy underlying. After all, who “referred to people who menstruate”, as a women, not saying Yes for a long time, that people, who do not menstruate, are not women.

But with such intricacies of the Community’s hate. And even less you can of the fact impress that has made Rowling always misunderstood and marginalized people. Because in this Community, only the condition matters loose subjection to a set of beliefs: There is no biological gender is only a social.

anyone Who doubts that is fought to the death. So, also Rowling. “Shut your disgusting TERF-face, @jk_rowling. No one wants to hear your transphobic Shit.” Such messages are to be discontinued since been Thousands on Twitter.

TERF stands for Trans-Exclusive Radical feminists have. It is a grossly derogatory term for feminists, who insist that biological and Transgender are not the same as women. The debate arises on the question of whether Trans-women in sports competitions for women are allowed to participate. Or whether Trans-belong to women in a women’s house or not.

“It’s not hate speech if one speaks the truth.”

J. K. Rowling

The “Harry Potter”author, but steadfast remained. “If there is not biological genders,” she wrote, “there can be no same-sex attraction. It’s not hate speech if one speaks the truth”. The Transgender activists are of course different. “She insulted again TRANS people”, Hyper-ventilated about the Portal Queer.de.

Finally, there is also Harry Potter intervened and the actor Daniel Radcliffe. In a blog post, he said, transgender women are women, all the others delete their identity and Dignity.

Rowling has expressed already earlier pointed to a controversial subject. Last Winter she had been linearized with the employee of a think tank is solid, which it had lost due to “transphobic Comments” your Job. The British had insisted that biological sex is real and cannot be arbitrarily changed.

Also, at the time, Rowling was met with hostility for days, violently. Obviously, the author is not only against bullying. She also has the courage to take on bullying against themselves in buying for what they is convinced.

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