you can set up A meeting with Donald Trump about the situation in Syria, which was terminated prematurely after the united states president as a “breakdown,” and was speaker of the House of Representatives, and Nancy Pelosi need. Explain this to the Democratic party. In the meantime, is circulating an eye-catching letter is from the Home of the Turkish president, Erdogan.

During a meeting with the Congress over Syria, would be Home “in a ditch” have been given. “It was sad to see that,” said Pelosi, the Democratic speaker of the House of Representatives, to meet some of the journalists. Moreover, it seemed as if the president of the region,” the resolution of the House of Representatives on Wednesday voted in. That is also condemned for his decision to allow American forces to the north, Syria to pull back.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi speak to the press after her meeting. Photo: AP

According to the Democrats, the meeting terminated prematurely because of Trump and Pelosi have repeatedly offended. It was their first meeting since the start of the impeachment-inquiry into Home on the 24th of september, which was started by the Democrats. According to Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, were Trumps behavior is “offensive,” and that there was no question of any dialogue, but rather a one-sided “schimprede”.

“Pelosi has stayed calm, but he treated her like a derderangspolitica,” said Schumer. He was called to the White Huisook to change course in Syria, and that “the damage that was done, to undo it”. “The safety and security of America and to the safety and security of the Kurds is in the hands of a single person, the president, He” was it.

He throws the ball back.

On Twitter, accusing the president He “Nervous Nancy” of a downturn at the meeting. According to him, according to the spokesman of the White House, stormed the Democratic party of the meeting in order to complain to the press, while the other voortwerkten of the country. He tweette later: “Nancy Pelosi has a quick help is needed!! Or is there something wrong with her brain, or she just don’t like our great country. She had a total breakdown at the White House today. It was very sad to see. Please pray for her, and she is a very sick person.”

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a Letter to Erdogan: “don’t Be foolish”

in the Meantime, is circulating on social media, in a remarkable letter in which He meets his Turkish colleague, Erdogan said on October 9, just after Turkey and Northern Syria, though. The White House has confirmed that the document is authentic.

In the letter, asked He, to History, to develop a “good deal” is to come, and to the right side of history to choose from. He said, “You don’t want to be responsible for the massacre of thousands of people, and I don’t want to be responsible for the destruction of the Turkish economy, which is what I am going to do it. The history will give you a favourable rate, as you can understand, and the human act. But they will set you up for a devil to see if any good things are going to happen.”

The Us president ends his letter with a clear-cut, it’s a little, the diplomatic message: “don’t Be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool. I’m going to call you later.”

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Photo: AFP

Add sanctions

on Thursday received the Turkish president, Erdoğan and the Us vice-president Mike Pence. Pence went on to ask the White House for a diplomatic delegation to Ankara to get the Turks to convince in their offensive end.

in Washington, however, had to know that the united states of new sanctions against Turkey, to prepare for it. Which, to be effective as it does not appear to be a cease-fire was to come.

The new sanctions would be other Turkish ministers and the industries to be able to endorse, said Us minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin, to journalists at a press briefing.

in Washington, explained previously, penalties for a number of (ex-)managers of the Turkish government. That is targeting, among others, the ministers of foreign Affairs, of Defence and the ministry of Energy and the departments of Defense and Energy.

The new sanctions, “that all the necessary impacts have, in the opinion of the minister of finance. He acknowledges, however, that it was a “complex situation” in between “Turkey is part of NATO, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the Kurds, who are with us in fight against ISIS”.

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