now, He Will have an interview with the French-language TELEVISION in the cards for the future to look at. The Red Devil, the end of the contract at SSC Napoli, to think that there are not, to the exotic voetbalbestemmingen, or go to Belgium and come back again.

Will was seven-years old player from Rome. The Belgian is feeling more and more Italian, he’s going to be the a Walloon journalist and Erik and Libois. Even though he is at the end of June of 2020, the end of the contract, in Calcio, his message is crystal clear. “I wouldn’t want more than for This to continue”, it opens. “I can’t do much about that. I am a Belgian, but it makes me feel more Italian. I’ve had the Italian lifestyle is embraced: we are the sun, the cafes, and the pasta… and When I’m in belgium for the Europa League match it was raining, it’s pouring with rain and was very cold. My soldiers were laughing with me, and when I told him that it would be fun to live in Belgium.” He is also not a sign for another Italian club. “That would make me a weird look, because I’m taking in the City.”
during a training session with Batshuayi, and the other is the Devil. (Photo: Photo in the News < / P> 2020, it will be a big year for the Will: the first is the CHAMPIONSHIP, then it might be in a different environment. “I’m going to certainly not go to China or saudi arabia. I want to be as long as possible in top games. A return to Belgium at the end of my career. I can see that is not likely to occur. I’m proud of my journey in Italy, in a tactical league like the Serie A. Even though it is over the past few years, offensiever now. It’s really weird, I was often told that it is technical, of Spanish football, to me, it would have to be. However, I’ve never heard of a Spanish bid is received. But I have never regretted for one moment my decision to sign up for This.”