No, Mathieu van der Poel in Kruibeke on Saturday, but in the… House. The world champion of cyclo-cross had its debut at the circuitracerij to be made, but in variable data printing (VDP would be, in the end, meters away. “At the end of the first stint and leaving the control arm in two in the middle. Mathieu has, therefore, not be able to drive it,” said Axel Roelants, who is in the Attic of one of their teammates was in the Pool.

but Van der Poel and his team-mates Roelants and john Lauryssen, took part in a race of 200 m, in a motor vehicle of the AR Performance of the Driver. The three could be the second start after a strong qualifying, but the race went wrong. “The suspension broke in the final lap of the first stint,” explains Roelants off. “Tough luck, we were off for the rest of the game. That is of course in the sport. We have a great team to work with great motivation. But it Was no contest to be able to drive it”, she said.

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2nd time in quali. Let’s go 4 a 200minute race.

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