So, Emily, Clown’s job, as a marketer, to which they have applied for is not granted, and that she could not understand it. But the company in question will then also have to look towards social media, which is found in the American woman in the back has to go a long way.

The 24-year-old woman from the state of Texas had decided to apply for an internship at a marketing company Kickass Developed. To no avail. In fact, the company used a screen shot from her Instagram page of her on their social media to look for their “unprofessional” behavior.

The original photo (Photo: Instagram < / P> In the photo, the woman is to be seen in a bikini in a swimming pool, with the caption, “Dienstmededeling (because I know that some of the applicants will look into this) to share on social media and with potential employees as well as for this kind of content in it. I am looking for a professional marketer, not a bikinimodel. Do you have bad, and do in private what you want to do. However, this will not help you in your search for a professional for the job.”

the Clown took a screen shot of the message and shared on Twitter, where she is soon to be viral it went. A lot of social media users supported the young woman. “Oh, well, obviously, it’s too much to ask for togs to wear, and have a job, you have to have. What a world,” says one. After a lot of negative reactions to the Twitter page of Kickass Developed taken off, the Instagram-account of the company in a private set.

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